Getting traffic to the website is only the beginning. Converting those visitors into sales leads is challenging because of the “get it now” mentality of today’s consumers. At ChatLead we’ve mastered the craft of generating high-quality leads from your website by taking advantage of emerging trends in consumer communication preferences. We do this through science – non-stop testing allows us to improve the process and software to give your website the best best opportunity to turn shoppers into real, qualified leads.

INCREASE Rather Than Replace

The real difference in the way that ChatLead handles online chat and how others position their software is that our strategy is all about generating new leads rather than rerouting existing ones. Our proactive design encourages those who normally would not contact your business to chat with us. This is why the number of overall sales leads increase for ChatLead clients. We aren’t replacing existing leads.
ChatLead brings your site to life and helps you connect with visitors who would have slipped away.

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